CS Serie

Refresh rate: >6000Hz
Cabinet Weight: 6.5kg
Viewing Angle: 140º
Gray Scale: 14bit

CS Serie ist für alle kreativen Umsetzungen konstruiert worden.

Anti-glare Black LED

High Definition Display

Unparalleled flexibility

DFR special screen material

Light-weight and thin

Foldable, easy to transport

Easy to combine

Hanging and Curve installation

Technische Details

Types CS Serie 3 CS Serie 4 CS Serie 6
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9 4.68 6.25
Brightness 1800Nit 2150Nit 2100Nit
Input Power(W/m2)
Max / Normal
280/95 280/95 180/95
Weight /m2 12kg 11.8kg 11.5kg
Input Power (Normal)(W7m2) 95 95 95
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Grösse W: 625mm
H: 1375mm
T: 25mm
W: 600mm
H: 1800mm
T: 25mm
W: 800mm
H: 2400mm
T: 25mm