Indoor LED-Screens - Colors and moving pictures for a big appearance

The indoor LED screens from Ultimapix convince with high image resolution and a fast refresh rate. Ultimapix offers tailor-made solutions for every location.We differentiate between screens for rental use or for fixed installation. Depending on the purpose the pixel pitch is a key criterion in the selection of the product.

  • For rental use, a simple and fast assembly and disassembly is important. Therefore we recommend not to fall below a pixel pitch of 1.9 mm if possible.
  • Everything is possible for fixed installation. We offer screens with pixel pitch from 0.9 mm to 80 mm. The pixel pitch is dependent on the location of the screen.

Characteristics of Indoor LED Screens

  • High picture resolution
  • Flexible size
  • Different pixel pitch for a pin sharp picture
  • Long life span
  • High refresh rate

Locations for indoor LED Screens

  • Trade fairs / Exhibition (rental use)
  • Pop Up Stores (Rental Use)
  • Shopfitting / store design
  • Shopping Centers / Retail
  • Convention Centers
  • Conference rooms and auditoriums
  • Entrance halls of hotel or company buildings
  • Control systems
  • TV Studios
  • Clubs
  • Digital Signage
  • Interior decoration / room design

Indoor LED Screen Produkte

UHD Serie

X Serie

MV Serie

FLEX Serie

EL Serie

CS Serie

UP Indoor

UP Retail

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