Outdoor LED screens - perfect for any weather

With more than 50 million visitors per year, the Time Square in New York is one of the most popular attractions in the world. World famous are its large LED screens that decorate the facades of the skyscrapers and communicate bright advertising messages.

Gaining customers starts where the crowd is. Therefore advertising messages have to be published outside of the actual point of sale.
Ultimapix outdoor LED screens convince with high image resolution and a fast refresh rate. Even in front of sunlight, the Ultimapix screens with the help of blackface LEDs guarantee perfect color contrast and optimum brightness.

Extremely robust cabinets make the LED screen elements weather and cold insensitive - without compromising performance or function.

Characteristics of outdoor LED Screens

  • Weather resistant
  • Robust cabinets
  • Low weight
  • High image resolution
  • Fast frame rate / refresh rate
  • Perfect color contrast even in direct sunlight
  • Optimum brightness
  • Directed light - no stray light

Locations for Outdoor LED Screens:

  • Sporting events (stadiums)
  • Sports Advertising
  • Concerts or open airs
  • Architecture
  • Building surfaces
  • Control Systems
  • Advertising space

Outdoor LED Screen Produkte

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