Infotainment generates advertising revenue

Ultimapix offers state-of-the-art digital technology for perfect indoor and outdoor infotainment in sports facilities


Digital advertising spaces in sports facilities have advantages for everyone - both for the operator, for the advertisers / sponsors and for the visitors. Depending on given local conditions, we produce our sports advertising products custom-made. The organizers can offer a wide range of digital advertising opportunities. Sponsors and advertisers can rely on dynamic, flexible and eye-catching advertising spaces. Due to the relatively low production costs for this form of advertising, it is attractive to all companies.

Big Screen / Video-Wall

The classic in sports stadiums

The visitor has accustomed to the special infotainment long ago. Sport and commercial find plenty of space next to each other: zoom-ins, super slow motion, stop / freeze shots, player information and current scores switch with ads.


Optimally informed from every seat

One of the most common requirements in stadiums is the integration of LED display in the overall audiovisual solution, taking into account the architectural circumstances. With a cube, an organizer optimally provides viewers with information from every seat - and also creates enough space for advertising messages.


High flexibility and easy handling

In the past, advertising on stationary and rolling perimeters was mainly reserved for financially strong companies due to long-term contracts and high production costs. The flexibility of digital LED perimeters offers the ability to sell advertising minutes instead of advertising space for any number of games.


The central element of Sports Advertising

With the software, the intended content is published in the right place at the right time and offers each organizer the basis for special features.

Control Room

Easy handling with the greatest possible benefit

The technical solution for perimeters and large screens will be assembled as needed - in terms of sound systems, mobile and stationary cameras, monitors, equipment processing and intercom systems.