UP Indoor

Resolution: Pitch 2.5mm
Density: 169,344 per SQ/M
Brightness: 1200 NIT
Panel Size: 576x1944x35mm
Cabinet Resolution: 224×756 pixels
Weight: 35kg
Power Connection: IEC
Weather Rating: IP 43 Indoor

High Class Digital LED Poster

  • Various applications
  • Slim profile (only 40 mm deep)
  • Low weight (less than 35kg)
  • High frame rate (3800 hertz) and 128-level brightness control
  • No need for a PC, saves costs, increases reliability and makes handling easier
  • Contents can be updated via network or USB devices, the contents are stored on the display itself
  • 5GB of built-in storage supports nearly all popular video and image formats
  • Easy upgrade to future smaller   pixel pitches will make your investment sustainable
  • Individual posters can be hung together and modulated as desired
  • Modules easily replaceable from the front - even during operation

Mehrere Ständevarianten

Jedes Poster kann mit einem Unterschiedlichen Ständer geliefert werden


Technical details

Pixel Pitch (mm);2.5mm 2.5mm
Density 169,344 per SQ/M
Power Connection IEC
Weather Rating: IP 43 Indoor
Display Dimension(HxW)(mm) 1944 x 576
Display Resolution(HxW) 756 x 224
Net weight (kg) 35
Color gray scale (Bit) 14bit
Gray Scale per color(level) 16384
Refresh Rate(Hz) >3840Hz
Communication Way USB/Wifi/Internet
Brightness(nits) 1200 NIT
Color Temperature(K) 7500
Color Contrast 2500
Optimal Horizontal Viewing Angle 160°
Optimal Vertical Viewing Angle 160°
AC Input Voltage(V) 100-240V
AC Input Power Maximum Value(W) 600W±3%
AC Input Power Typical Value(W) 200W±3%